Financial Education In UAE


Financial education is an important aspect of any countries education. These are studies that should be integrated into any education system in every country. UAE is not exceptional to this. It has been ranked as one of the top 3 countries to be well financially literate. This is an improvement from them being the 6th in the country in 2010. This is something to be proud of. This shows that more UAE citizens are aware of their financial status and make well informed decisions about the same. It provides a country’s financial sector some rest to know this.

Some institutions such as the Emirates institute of Banking and Financial studies is an institution that is at the forefront of this education in the area. This is as from 1983. With them training people in banking and financial studies and related studies, they have made significant contributions to the lifestyle and the economy of the country. With more people having some knowledge about the financial world, then a country is on the right track to making strides towards achieving any of their goals economically.

Apart from providing financial education to its citizens, the UAE is known to be one of the top countries leading in providing financial education. This is for all local and foreign students. To parents who want to provide their kids with the best financial education, then the UAE is one of the best destination for your child to get this education.

The education on financial matter, is one that is take seriously in the country. Other institutions other than the Emirates institute of Banking and Financial education committed to ensuring people get financial education are NasdaqDubai which provides professional financial education. This school sees financial knowledge as the key to alleviating poverty and economic problems. It is also the key to having a successful and world-class market in the region and beyond. It has been said to bring out people that are well needed in the community and people who help bring up the global economy.

The Genesis institute in Dubai

The Genesis institute in Dubai is also a well know institute in the provision of CFA and CMA papers. These are papers taken by most financial students and people in the business world. These papers are usually taken as a compliment to the other secondary courses taken in other institutions and colleges. With these papers in your pocket, you then get an upper hand in jobs and other places. Apart from that they also provide more knowledge on how to deal with various financial situations.

Financial literacy is an important aspect in the country. Apart from institutions, companies and other firms are also taking it upon themselves to ensure that their employees are financially literate and aware of the goings on in the financial world. This therefore helps bring everyone in the country up to speed.

Because of this dedication to financial education in UAE, it is a country that has been pulling more foreign students for financial education both for degrees and advanced education. This makes it one of the hubs of financial education in the area