How Does Unesco Raise Money?


UNESCO is a world heritage body mandated to protect and conserve world heritage sites. It therefore requires money to run its errands since without financial help it would be really hard to meet world heritage needs. Some of their sources of income are:

1. Funds from the World Heritage Fund
The approximated amount that the world Heritage Fund gives Unesco is $ 4 million each year to assist with the activities. Thus the world heritage fund is the biggest source of funding for Unesco. This includes compulsory contributions and donation by member states. They also get funding from other private states who just wish to help. The committee heading the world Heritage fund would then allocate the funds as per the urgency of requests, with special consideration being given to states which are highly threatened.

2. Money-in-Trust
This is where some countries may just decide to come up with funds to support specific projects that already have goals and objectives. Therefore a certain government may not be a member state but will be willing to finance a particular project beneficial to conservation of some various heritage sites. Examples of such funds are like; Japanese Fit, Netherlands Funds-in-Trust, Spanish Fit, Flemis Funds-in-Trust, France-Unesco Cooperation Agreement .They may decide to come up with things like museums where traditional artifacts are kept.

3. Quick Response Facility
This is a small fund operated by three bodies that is the Unesco World Heritage Centre, the United Nations Foundation and the Fauna and Flora International. The fund is quick and flexible thus helps to protect world heritage sites in times of urgent crisis. The United Nations offers grants for implementing various projects for conservation of environment. Fauna and Flora International also gives funds majorly for conservation of traditional plants to prevent them from extinction.

4. Sale of Heritage sites Publications
There are various types of publications depicting various heritage sites. When they brought into the market, people buy them in plenty and the money realized is used in funding the work of protecting and conserving those heritage sites.

5. Fund from Donor Countries
This may come from either member states or private states. Their mission is just to help in conserving the traditional site even though they may not be member countries. They just do it on humanitarian grounds.

6. Money From charities and big companies
Big multinational companies may decide to give donations in form of grants to assist in certain projects. Individuals like Bill gates are known to contribute large sums of money to fund various projects. Companies who would like to promote their brands would wish to use the UNESCO brand to promote themselves; therefore this becomes a source of funding for too.

7. Public Funding
Public funding is also a source funding for Unesco. This is usually in the form of institutional funding or subsidies. If the people are dedicated in public funding, the involvement of the business and financial world in culture life takes ever greater importance in form of sponsoring. Through public participation a lot of cash is realized and used in funding various projects.